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Rules: Weapons


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These lists contain information on many (though not nearly all) weapons that might be put into use in various scenarios.  The column headings used on the chart are as follows:

Weapon: The name of the weapon. Note that in the case of some guns the actual name of the gun is not included, they are simply divided up into type and caliber. Example: Revolvers. While there are many types of 45 Cal. or 9 mm revolvers, they are all pretty much alike, so we have not bothered to give specific names.

Opt.: On many melee weapons optional details for the weapons are included. These are secondary ways the weapons might be used in combat. The first listing for the weapon is the primary combat application, the secondary listings are less efficient, but possible. The fighter may wish to use another application due to armor the opponent has on, the fighter may wish to resort to flatsides, etc. The game referee may, if she or he so wishes, choose to disallow the use of these statistics completely.

Speed Class: This is the usual amount of time that must be spent for normal use of the weapon in combat. This does NOT include the amount of time that must be spent to reload the weapon between shots (see "Reload Class") or the amount of time that must pass in drawing the weapon (see "Draw Time").

Draw Time: This is the Speed Class of the action of drawing this particular item. Assumes that the character knows the location of the item on his or her person and does not have to search for it.

Damage Type: This is the type of damage done to the victim. This is only important where armor is present; if the target is unarmored this info is irrelevant.

Damage: This is the number and type of dice used to determine the amount of hit point damage inflicted upon a target by the item. In the case of double-barreled shotguns (whippets included) the amount of damage shown is per barrel fired. Reduce the amount damage dealt by shotguns 1D10 for every 50% of the effective range of the shotgun being used that the shot must travel to reach the target.

Skill Required: This is the skill involved in using the particular item. Some abbreviations are used under the "skill required" columns. Those abbreviations are-- HTH (Hand-to-Hand), 1HW (One-handed Weapon), 2HW (Two-handed Weapon), ThW (Thrown Weapons), Arch (Archery), Cbow (Crossbow), 1HG (One-handed Guns), 2HG (Two-handed Guns), HvG (Heavy Guns), Rkt (Rocketry), Gnr (Gunner), and Arty (Artillerist).

Weapon Bonus. This is the bonus applied to the particular melee weapon's chance of striking or parrying.

Tech Lev.: This is the technological level in which the item comes into use. In some cases the actual year in which the item came into use on Earth has been included after the "/".

Effec. Range (Yards): This is the effective range of the missile weapon in Yards.

Reload Class: This refers to the speed class of the action of reloading the weapon. The letter in parentheses refers to the type of reloading used for the weapon. (S) means the weapon is reloaded one round at a time. (M) means the rounds are contained in a magazine which is reloaded with the reload action. (B) means the rounds are contained in a belt. (C) means the rounds come from a charged battery. The reload class for double-barreled shotguns is the amount of time to load BOTH barrels. When a number appears before the speed class (5X, 3X, etc.) the number is the number of actions of that class that must performed in order to achieve the desired result. A character with an agility of 10 would require a total of 20 segments to reload an item with a reload class of 2X.

Basic Load: This is the normal amount of rounds (or charges) carried in the weapon when it has been fully loaded. Belt fed weapons do not have an upper limit on the basic load. It is merely the number of rounds in the belt.


Weapon Speed Class Draw Time Damage Type Damage Skill Required Weapon Bonus
2-Handed IX IX Edged 3D8 2HW 15
opt. X IX Pummel 1D10 2HW 5
Fireman's VII VI Edged 2D8 2HW 10
opt. VIII VI Pummel 1D8 2HW 0
Axe,Hand IV IV Edged D8 1HW 5
opt. IV IV Pummel D4 1HW 0
Billyclub IV III Pummel D6 1HW 5
Blackjack IV III Pummel D10 HTH 0
Bottle IV III Pummel D4 HTH,1HW 0
Broken IV III Edged D6 HTH,1HW 0
Knuckles III II Pummel D8 HTH 0
Chain VI VI Pummel D10 1HW 0
Chair IX VIII Pummel D10 1HW 10
Chair Leg VI V Pummel D8 1HW 5
Club,Heavy IX VIII Pummel 2D6 2HW 5
Club,Light VI V Pummel D10 1HW 5
Cutlass V IV Edged 2D8 1HW 10
opt. VI IV Pierce 1D10 1HW 5
opt. VI IV Pummel 1D6 1HW 5
Dagger IV III Edged D6 HTH,1HW 5
opt. IV III Pierce D6 HTH,1HW 5
opt. V III Pummel D6 HTH,1HW 0
Mace V VI See Desc.   1HW 5
Blade III II See Desc.   2HW 10
Knife III II See Desc.   HTH,1HW 0
Sabre III II See Desc.   1HW 5
Fist III -- Pummel D3 HTH 0
Foil III IV Pierce 1D8 1HW 5
Flail IX VII Pummel 2D8 1HW 5
2-Handed IX IX Pummel 3D8 2HW 10
Halberd X X Pierce 3D8 Polearm 20
opt. X X Edged 3D8 Polearm 10
opt. X X Pummel 2D6 Polearm 10
Kick IV -- Pummel D10 Karate 0
Punch II -- Pummel D6 Karate 0
Katana VI/VII VI Edged 2D8/2D10 1HW/2HW 15
opt. VII/IX VI Pierce 2D6/2D8 1HW/2HW 10
opt. VI/VII VI Pummel 1D8/1D10 1HW/2HW 5
Kick IV -- Pummel D6 HTH 0
Longknife V III Edged D8 HTH,1HW 5
opt. V III Pierce D8 HTH,1HW 0
opt. VI III Pummel D6 HTH,1HW 0
Mace VII VI Pummel 2D6 1HW 5
Mancatcher X X Pierce 2D8 Manctchr 10
gusari VII VII Pummel D8 Mnrkgsri 5
Lance X X Pierce 3D10 Mtd. Lance 20
opt. X X Pummel 2D8 Mtd. Lance 20
Naginata VII VII Edged 2D10 Polearm 15
opt. VI VII Pierce 2D6 Polearm 10
opt. VI VII Pummel 1D8 Polearm 15
Nunchaku III III Pummel D8 Nunchaku 10
No-Dachi VIII VIII Edged 3D8 2HW 20
Pick-axe VII VI Pierce 2D10 2HW 5
opt. VII VI Pummel 2D6 2HW 5
Pike X X Pierce 2D10 Polearm 15
opt. X X Pummel 1D8 Polearm 10
Quarter         2HW/  
Staff VIII VII Pummel D8 Polearm 15
Rapier IV IV Edged 2D6 1HW 5
opt. IV IV Pierce 1D10 1HW 5
opt. IV IV Pummel 1D4 1HW 5
Sai IV III Pierce 1D8 Sai,,HTH,


Scimitar VI III Edged 2D8 1HW 5
opt. VII III Pierce 2D6 1HW 5
opt. VII III Pummel 1D6 1HW 0
Spear VII VII Pierce 2D8 Polearm 15
opt. VII VII Pummel 1D10 Polearm 10
2-Handed IX IX Edged 3D10 2HW 20
opt. IX IX Pummel 1D10 2HW 10
BastardVI I/VII I VI Edged 3D6/3D8 1HW/2HW 15
opt. VI I/VII I VI Pummel 1D6/1D8 1HW/2HW 10
Long VII VI Edged 2D10 1HW 15
opt. VIII VI Pierce 2D6 1HW 5
opt. VII VI Pummel 1D8 1HW 10
Short VI IV Edged 2D6 1HW 5
opt. VI IV Pierce 1D10 1HW 5
Tonfa IV VI Pummel D8 Tonfa 5
Trident VIII VII Pierce 2D10 Polearm 15
opt. VIII VII Pummel 1D8 Polearm 5
Truncheon V IV Pummel D8 HTH,1HW 5
Blade V III Edged 5D10 2HW 10
Wakizashi IV III Edged D10 1HW 5
opt. IV III Pierce D8 1HW 5
opt. IV III Pummel D6 1HW 5
Whip IV IV Pummel D2 Whip 0

Electrical Mace: A large riot control device, similar to a very heavy, very large cattle prod. In addition to doing 2D6 pummeling damage it delivers a powerful jolt to the victim, causing a save vs. will or the victim is stunned. After a jolt has been delivered ten segments are required for another jolt to charge.

Energy Knife, Energy Sabre, and Energy Blade: These are different forms of the same device. A shimmering plane of force extends from the hilt at the touch of a switch. This force plane is able to separate matter at the molecular level. Therefore, it cuts anything.

The greatest technical difficulty lies in lengthening the blades. Due to the energy required, there is no way to maintain a blade of longer than a few feet. All energy blades ignore armor. Ignore also strength bonuses. Energy blades cannot penetrate energy fields, including force fields and other energy blades. Damages--Knife, 3D10; Sabre, 4D10; Blade, 6 D10.Top


Weapon Speed Class Draw Class Damage Type Damage Skill Req. Eff. Range Tech Leve
Stone III III Pummel D6 ThW 15 0
Bottle(Vase) III III Pummel D6 Thw 20 1
Bolo V V Pummel 2D6 Bolo 30 1
Chakram IV III Edged D6 Chakram 20 1
Sling V V Pummel D4 Sling 40 1
Boomerang III III Pummel D8 Boomerang 20 1
Handaxe III III Edged D8 ThW 20 1
Shuriken II II Edged D4 Shuriken 20 1
Dart II II Pierce D6 ThW 20 1
Dagger III III Pierce D8 ThW 20 1
Spear VI VII Pierce 2D8 ThW 20 1
Javelin V VI Pierce 2D6 ThW 30 1
Grenade III VI See Explosives   ThW 40 7
Grenade III VI See Desc.   ThW 40 10
Bolo V VII See Desc.   Bolo 20 13
Bolo V VIII See Desc.   Bolo 20 7
Lasso X VI See Desc.   Lasso 5 1

Whistle Grenades: These emit an ultrasonic whistle which causes all creatures within a 20 meter radius to save vs. will or be stunned.

Sonic Bolo: This weapon is thrown like a normal bolo. However, unless it succeeds in entangling its target it does nothing. If the entanglement is successful the sonic bolo will begin to set up vibrations which do 1 hit point per segment to the entangled victim. Ignores armor.

Grenade Bolo: One way to ensure that your opponent is in the kill area of a grenade. Not re-usable.

Lasso: The famed cowboy weapon. Successful percentage means the loop has landed on the opponent. Roll for body part tangled. Critical means the thrower chooses how the target is caught.Top


Weapon Speed Class Draw Class Damage Type Damage Skill Req. Eff. Range (yards) Reload Class Basic Load Tech Lev
Short IV VI Pierce D8 Arch 30 IV(S) 1 1
Bow,Long IV VII Pierce 2D8 Arch 40 V(S) 1 1
Composite V VIII Pierce 3D8 Arch 60 V(S) 1 2
Hand IV VI Pierce D8 Cbow 40 VII(S) 1 3
Crossbow IV VII Pierce 2D8 Cbow 60 X(S) 1 2
Heavy VI VIII Pierce 4D8 Cbow 80 2X(S) 1 2
Pistol IV IV Bullet D10 1HG 20 3X(S) 1 3
Rifle V V Bullet 2D10 2HG 50 5X(S) 1 3
Pistol IV IV Bullet D10 1HG 20 2X(S) 1 4
Rifle V V Bullet 2D10 2HG 50 3X(S) 1 4
buss V V Expl. 3D10 2HG 50 3X(S) 1 4
Double Barreled Shotgun V V Expl. 4D10 2HG 90 IX(S) 2 6
Whippet IV IV Expl. 4D10 1HG 20 VIII(S)   6
12 Gauge Pump VI V Expl. 4D10 2HG 90 V(S) 5 7
Atchisson Assault Gun IV(3) V Expl. 4D10 2HG 90 VI(M) 20 9
Derringer III II Bullet D8 1HG 10 III(M) 2 6/1860
S&W M27 IV III BUllet 2D10 1HG 75 III(S) 6 8/1955
S&W M36 IV II Bullet 2D10 1HG 10 III(S) 6 8/1950
Special IV III Bullet 2D10 1HG 45 III(S) 6 7/1907
Colt Peacemaker IV IV Bullet 3D10 1HG 45 III(S) 6 6/1873
New Model Army IV IV Bullet 3D10 1HG 30 III(S) 6 6/1860
Webley Mk6 IV IV Bullet 3D10 1HG 50 III(S) 6 7/1915
Bolt Action Rifles
Lee-Enfield V V Bullet D10 2HG 500 IV(S) 1 6
Springfield V V Bullet D10 2HG 600 IV(S) 1 6
Elelphant Gun V IVI Bullet 4D10 2HG 500 IV(S) 1 6
Semi-Automatic Pistols
High Standard                  
22 III III Bullet D8 1HG 40 III(M) 10 9/1964
Mauser III III Bullet D10 1HG 50 III(M) 10 7/1900
Walther PPK III II Bullet 2D10 1HG 40 III(M) 7 7/1930
Beretta III II Bullet 2D10 1HG 40 III(M) 7 7/1934
Luger III III Bullet 2D10 1HG 50 III(M) 8 7/1908
S&W M39 III III Bullet 2D10 1HG 50 III(M) 8 8/1956
.44 Automatic III IV Bullet 3D10 1HG 200 III(M) 8 9/1972
Colt .45 III IV Bullet 3D10 1HG 50 III(M) 8 7/1911
Semi-Automatic and Assault Rifles
AK47 II III(5) V Bullet D8 2HG 300 III(M) 30 8/1951
Dragunov IV VII Bullet 2D10 2HG 1300 III(M) 20 9/1963
M-16 II III(5) V Bullet D8 2HG 400 III(M) 30 8/1953


Tommy III(5) VI Bullet 3D10 2HG 100 IV(M) 50 7/1938
Grease III(5) III Bullet 3D10 1HG,2HG 100 III(M) 30 8/1944
Sten III(5) IV Bullet 2D10 2HG 100 III(M) 32 8/1941
Mauser III(5) III Bullet D10 1HG,2HG 50 III(M) 20 8/1940
Ingram III(10) III Bullet 2D10 1HG,2HG 50 III(M) 32 9/1971
Uzi III(5) V Bullet 2D10 1HG,2HG 100 III(M) 32 8/1951
Pistol III IV Beam D10 1HG 500 III(C) 20 10
Rifle III V Beam 2D10 2HG 1500 III(C) 30 10
Pistol III III Beam 3D10 1HG 2000 III(C) 40 11
Rifle VI VII Beam 4D10 2HG 1500 III(C) 20 11
Rifle IV V Beam 5D10 2HG 1500 III(C) 20 12
Rifle IV V Beam 5D10 2HG 2000 II(C) 30 12
Pulser III(5) V Beam 5D10 2HG 2000 III(C) 50 13
Gun III III SeeDesc.   2HG 40 V(M) 50 11
Thrower IV IV SeeDesc.   2HG 100 III(M) 50 12
Stunner IV V SeeDesc.   2HG 100 III(C) 20 13


Heavy Direct Fire Weapons

Weapon Speed Class Damage Type Damage Skill Req. Eff. Range (yards) Reload Class Basic Load Tech Level
Ballista IV Pierce 6D10 HvG 200 5X(S) 1 2
Gatling Gun IV(3) Bullet 3D10 HvG 800 V(M) 40 6/1874
.50 caliber                
Mac. Gun III(5) Bullet 4D10 HvG 1,300 VII(B) Var. 7/1933
M60 III(5) Bullet 2D10 2HG,HvG 1,000 III(B) Var. 8/1960
Recoilless Rifle                
20mm V SeeExpl.   HvG 1,500 V(C) 10 7/1936
57mm VII SeeExpl.   HvG 450 V(S) 1 8/1945
75mm VII SeeExpl.   HvG 550 V(S) 1 8/1945
90mm X SeeExpl.   HvG 400 VII(S) 1 8/1953
106mm X SeeExpl.   HvG 1,100 X(S) 1 8/1953
20-30mm 3(3)* SeeExpl.   Gnr 700 V(B) Var. 7
31-40mm 5* SeeExpl.   Gnr 500 V(S) 1 7
41-50mm 5* SeeExpl.   Gnr 450 V(S) 1 7
51-60mm 10* SeeExpl.   Gnr 450 VII(S) 1 7
61-70mm 10* SeeExpl.   Gnr 500 VII(S) 1 7
71-80mm 10* SeeExpl.   Gnr 550 X(S) 1 7
81-90mm 15* SeeExpl.   Gnr 800 X(S) 1 7
91-110mm 15* SeeExpl.   Gnr 1,100 X(S) 1 7
111-130mm 20* SeeExpl.   Gnr 1,500 X(S) 1 7
131-150mm 20* SeeExpl.   Gnr 2,000 X(S) 1 7
151-170mm 20* SeeExpl.   Gnr 2,500 X(S) 1 7
171-200mm 20* SeeExpl.   Gnr 3,000 X(S) 1 7
Laser IV Beam 4D10 HvG 6,000 III(C) 10 10
Blaster VIII Beam 8D10 HvG 6,000 V(C) 10 12
Blaster IV(3) Beam 8D10 HvG 6,000 III(C) 20 13
Small Ship's                
Blaster 20* Beam 8D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 11
Small Ship's                
Blaster 10* Beam 10D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 12
Small Ship's                
Blaster 2* Beam 12D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 13
Medium Ship's                
Blaster 50* Beam 10D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 11
Medium Ship's                
Blaster 20* Beam 15D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 12
Medium Ship's                
Blaster 4* Beam 20D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 13
Heavy Ship's                
Blaster 60* Beam 15D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 12
Heavy Ship's                
Blaster 20* Beam 20D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 13
Heavy Ship's                
Blaster 6* Beam 30D10 Gnr 6000** -- -- 14

* Arabic Numerals indicate the number of SEGMENTS that must pass in order to aim and fire the weapon again. No amount of agility allows a character to more quickly wield an 88mm tank gun.

** Numbers refer to distances in atmospheric conditions. In space multiply effective range by 20. This assumes the use of aiming computers.Top

Heavy Indirect Fire Weapons

The following weapons are indirect fire weapons. That is to say that they do not fire their rounds directly at a target but through an arc, causing the round to drop upon the target.

With the exception of catapults, a successful hit means that the round has fallen so that the target is within the kill radius of the round. In the case of catapults a successful hit means that the round has hit the target.

When a spotter is used the spotter's percentage should be used to determine the hit first. Then the artillerist's percentage should be rolled against.

It is suggested that the optional rules for missile fire be used with artillery, as they can be very useful for determining exactly where the artillery round falls.

Heavy Indirect Fire Weapons

Weapon Speed Class Dam. Type Dam. Skill Req. Min. Rnge Eff. Rnge Max. Rnge Reld Class Basic Load Tech Level
Catapult 40* Puml 4D10 Arty 20 100 500 20* 1 3
Catapult 60* Puml 6D10 Arty 50 150 700 25* 1 3
Catapult 90* Puml 10D10 Arty 100 300 1000 30* 1 3
20-30mm 5* Expl.   Arty -- 400 2000 3* 1 7
31-40mm 7* Expl.   Arty -- 500 3000 4* 1 7
41-50mm 10* Expl.   Arty 200 1000 5000 5* 1 7
51-60mm 10* Expl.   Arty 400 1500 8000 7* 1 7
61-70mm 15* Expl.   Arty 500 2000 9000 10* 1 7
71-80mm 15* Expl.   Arty 600 3000 10000 10* 1 7
81-90mm 20* Expl.   Arty 700 3500 12000 10* 1 7
91-110mm 20* Expl.   Arty 800 4000 15000 15* 1 7
111-130mm 20* Expl.   Arty 900 4500 15000 20* 1 7
131-150mm 20* Expl.   Arty 1000 5000 15000 20* 1 7
151-170mm 20* Expl.   Arty 1000 6000 15000 20* 1 7
Weapon Speed Class Draw Class Damage Type Damage Skill Req. Effec. Range (Yards) Basic Load Tech Level
Hafla V IV Energy 2D6 1HG 70 1 9
M2A1 V N/A Energy 2D6 2HG 55 5 8
StrahlPatrone V N/A Energy 2D6 2HG 25 10 7
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