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Rules: Psionics


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The referee may wish to consider Psionics. These are skills of mind over matter (or over other minds). They were a bit easier to do than magic since these can be gotten right out of the pages of the Enquirer. These for the most part have their basis in intelligence and will.

You may wish to make the characters qualify for these skills in some way. We don't suggest just handing them out unless everyone has them.

Psionic skills are tiring to use. Each Psionic skill has a point cost which indicates the general level of effort involved. The character may safely use a number of psionic points equal to his or her will. Beyond this number, the character must start making will rolls once every ten segments to stay concious. And since every point used over the safe limit lowers the character's will by one it will get harder to stay up as more points are expended.

"Psionic points" come back at the rate of one every hour.

All psionic skills take 5 segments to start.

Some suggested psionic skills:

Skill         Multipliers for stats 
Name         ST AG DX CN IN WI CH CM  Point Cost
=====        == == == == == == == ==  ========== 
Clairvoyance -- -- -- --  3  2 -- --     1/10 seg 
Domination   -- -- -- --  1  3  1 --     1/10 seg 
Empathy      -- -- -- --  1  2  2 --     1/10 seg 
  Reading    -- -- -- --  3  2 -- --     1/5 seg 
Prediction   -- -- -- --  3  2 -- --     1/seg
  Projection -- -- -- --  2  3 -- --     1/50 seg 
Telekinesis  -- -- -- --  2  3 -- --     1/seg/oz. 
Telepathy    -- -- -- --  2  2  1 --     1/5 seg


Clairvoyance: The character is able to cause his or her mind to travel a number of feet away from him- or herself. The character may in this way view what is happening in other rooms nearby rooms, etc. The character still retains normal consciousness and control over his or her own body, and is aware of what happens around it. The clairvoyant image is seen as a sort of mental overlay over what the character is viewing with normal vision. The character may view up to 1 foot away for every point of the skill roll difference.Top

Domination: Using this skill the character has a chance to enter and control the mind of another. The person whom the character is attempting to control must save against will at plus 1 on the die for every 10 points of the skill roll difference. The controlled character may attempt to save again after a number of minutes equal to the Dominator's will.Top

Empathy: This is the character's chance to sense emotions within living creatures. The spell may be used on any one creature within sight of the empath. The empath can sense whether or not the creatures are or aren't feeling a sense of well-being, etc. Add 20% to the empath's chance of success if the empath is able to touch the creature.Top

Object Reading: This skill allows the character to visualize events (usually traumatic) that the object has been through. The character has no control over what is seen although more time spent scrying the object will increase the chance of seeing a desired event.Top

Prediction: This is the character's chance of predicting the immediate future. The character may see a number of segments equal to the skill roll difference into the future in order to determine the immediate effects actions will have, etc. This skill may be used in combat. If the character uses prediction in combat subtract the character's skill roll difference from the opponent's next attack.Top

Astral Projection: The character's chance of projecting his or her mind totally out of the body. While the character is projected the body is in a coma. The character may project for a number of hours equal to his or her will. If the character is not back in body at the end of the time period he or she is dead. The character may travel at the speed of light for as far as is desired.Top

Telekinesis: The character's ability to move material objects with his or her mind. The character may move a number of ounces equal to his or her skill percentage squared. A skill roll is necessary in order to affect the object.Top

Telepathy: The character has a chance of reading the surface thoughts of intelligent creatures. May not be attempted on creatures with an intelligence of less than 6. Add 20% to the character's percentage if the character is able to touch the creature being read. The character may project thoughts at -30% from the skill percentage.Top

The referee may use any or all of these skills as desired, and should feel free to add any that are desired. It is possible to give alien races bases in some of these skills, but if these races are run as characters it is suggested that the race be weakened in some other way to maintain balance among the characters. Top

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